Tariff of Panthanivas Puri for Ratha Yatra, Bahuda Yatra & Sunabesa only.

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Tribes of Odisha -

A General Introduction

Odisha has the largest variety of tribal communities, which are at various stages of socio-economic development. + more

Habitat and Economy

A major portion of the tribal habitat is hilly and forested. + more

The Tribal Religion

The Tribal Religion of the Odishan tribes is an admixture of animism. + more

Tribal Dances

Some of the famous tribal dances of Odisha are mentioned in the description that follows - + more

Tribal Handicrafts

Odisha's Adivasis are born artisans and craftsmen and produce exquisitely beautiful handicrafts. - + more

Tribal Handlooms

Odisha is a thickly tribal inhabited state, consisting of sixty two tribes living in different parts of the state. + more
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