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Parasuramesvara Temple

Parsuramesvara is a small (about 12.80 m.high) but lavishly decorated temple, the best-preserved specimen of the earlier group of temples. Enclosed within a compound wall, the temple, facing the west, is a compact shrine with a squattish thick set gandi, while the jagamohana is a rectangular structure with a terraced roof, sloping in two stages. The interior of the jagamohana is lighted by the main entrance and a side entrance on the south along with four latticed windows, one each on south and north and two on the west decorated with bands of animated musicians and dancers. The carvings on the temple walls are chaste and elegant, bespeaking considerable skill of the sculptor. The most recurring motif is the highly ornate chaitya-window, very often filled in with figures (animal, human and divine). A number of reliefs narrating Saiva mythology are found on various parts of the temple. The temple is dated in the seventh century A.D. on the basis of inscriptions, one of which gives the name of the deity as Parasevara, probably a corruption of Parasara, one of the distinguished Pasupata acharyas.

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