Tariff of Panthanivas Puri for Ratha Yatra, Bahuda Yatra & Sunabesa only.

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Jagannath Temple

Known as Srikshetra, Nilachala and Sankha Kshetra, Puri has been one of the main religious centres of India, being one of the four Dhamas from very early times. While Bhubaneswar is a Saiva Centre, Puri is a centre of Vaisnavism. The centre of attraction in the town is the towering temple of Jagannatha, the lord of Universe, and his annual Rathayatra or car festival. The temple, set amidst cluster of smaller shrines within two rows of boundary walls with four gateways on four cardinal directions, rises to a height of about 215 feet from the road level and has a four chambered complex with Deula, Jagamohana, Natamandira and Bhogamandapa. The soaring tower of the sanctum with its plastered surface was known as the White Pagoda to the early European sailors navigating on the waters of the Bay of Bengal near Puri Town. The temple (circa A.D.1150) was built during the early Ganga rule in Odisha and has a pancharatha plan. The recent deplastering work of the exterior walls by Archaeological Survey of India has revealed the exquisite carvings on the temple walls, which was believed to have been a plain structure before. The plastic art contains panels of sculptures depicting Kirsha-lila themes from the Bhagavata along with Dasavatara and other divine, semi divine and human figures. Jagannath has been the State deity of several ruling dynasties of Odisha since the Gangas and command a unique position in the religious and cultural life of the Odia people.

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