Tariff of Panthanivas Puri for Ratha Yatra, Bahuda Yatra & Sunabesa only.

Arts and Crafts of Odisha
Arts and crafts of Odisha make it a historically enriched canvas of unique cultural charm.

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Beaches,Lakes and Waterfall
Odisha is blessed with about 500 km long coastline and has some of the best beaches in India

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Wildlife Sanctuaries
The lush green forest cover of Odisha plays host to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

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Indigenous Culture
The tribal people express their cultural identity and distinctiveness in their social
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Fairs and Festivals
Every state has its own festivals and rituals. Odisha being a land of ancient temples
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Temples of Odisha
Step back in time through the ancient temples and monuments. it is no wonder that
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Shamuka Beach Project
Avail Rail Tour Packages of IRCTC through OTDC
Orissa Tourism
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