Tariff of Panthanivas Puri for Ratha Yatra, Bahuda Yatra & Sunabesa only.

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A General Introduction
Odisha is not only a land of magnificent monuments, golden beaches, precipitous waterfalls, sprawling lakes, healing hot springs, luxuriant forest, intricate handicraft etc. but also a land of colourful fairs and festivals. Every season in Odisha has a variety of occasions to celebrate. Many of the festivals are observed at more than one place on the same occasion. While the rituals remain the same, the ways they are, observed differ from place to place at times. Those who have no time to visit all the places to see the difference can choose the place where they are best observed. Given below are glimpses of important fairs and festivals observed/organised in Odisha. This is only a comprehensive and not an exhaustive list of the festivals
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